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out n about media 


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Why out n about? 

Out n about came by chance & a need to get out, due to a disability of post traumatic stress disorder. I find it hard to go out & much more. 

But while fishing one day I regained the realisation that being out n about is medicine in itself, watching nature, people, chatting to unknown people, as well as capturing a moment that maybe someone who can’t get out, I could bring it to them. 

The drone gave a completely different aspect on photos & videos. A Birds Eye view. 

I took a few videos & photos while fishing by phone & discovered that one video reached 2.500 people & the comments I received made me realise, it’s not only helping me, but others too. 

The beautiful that we are surrounded by, escapes us because we are limited in time personally, due to work family, in my case disability, but I’m using that, creating a time to deliberately get out & about. Which is the best medicine in the world. 

For whatever reason you can’t get out, I want to bring a different perspective making feel you were there or & bringing back memories from your past. 

I hope you enjoy the journey as just passing through. 

I don’t make money from this, it’s about getting well, coping with a disability. 

Thank you